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Presidents Message

Presidents Message


It is with a slightly sad heart that I write my last President’s message on the website. I am now officially, as of the last ANCA National Council meeting, the Vice-President of ANCA and Peter Ingram, former Vice-President, is now President for the next 12 or so months while we search for a new long-term President. Increased work commitments this year have prompted me t hang up my presidential hat one year earlier than required by our governance rules, allowing a maximum of 6 years in any executive position on National Council or State Chapter committees. However, I will see to fruition, two major projects as Vice-President, firstly, the Constitutional review, required by the NSW Office of Fair Trading, and the national composition competition, the winners of which will be announced at Choralfest Freo 2019.

I will miss the cut and thrust of our 6 annual teleconferences each year as well as the Face-to-Face meetings after each Choralfest. It has been very enjoyable to serve alongside such a dedicated, talented and motivated group of fellow National Councillors. I thank them all most sincerely for all they have done and continue to do for the benefit of all ANCA members around the country.

We are lucky to have someone, in Peter Ingram, who has such long institutional knowledge of ANCA over many years and he is already doing a terrific job as President.

I look forward to seeing you all at Choralfest Freo 2019.

Michael Fulcher
ANCA National Vice President


It is with a degree of excitement that I temporarily take over the position of National President of ANCA. I am very aware of the large shoes I have to fill. It has been a delight to serve as part of the National Council under the astute and active leadership of Michael Fulcher. The wisdom and energy he has brought to the role has been inspiring. Much of what the National Council does can easily go unnoticed and this situation can be amplified for the President. Already I am starting to appreciate the extra duties and decision-making that come with the role. Michael has handled this calmly and along the way taken ANCA to the next level in governance. His determination to provide support for the state chapters by creating additional national events such as the current Masterclass tour by Karen Grylls is one of his greatest legacies. We owe Michael our sincere thanks for all his work, our appreciation for staying on as Vice President to see through some vitally important jobs and our congratulations for a job well done!

As Michael comments, I do come to the role with some history with ANCA. I have served at either the state or national level since I returned from my choral conducting studies in the USA in 1992. In this time ANCA has experienced its share of ebbs and flows and I have been a part of much of this, hopefully in a positive way! As President of the Queensland State Chapter for many years, I appreciate that it is at this level much of the personal contact between the association and its members (and potential members) occurs. I aim to support this work in my new role as much as I can. It has been enlightening in more recent times to gain a more national view of ANCA. State chapters can't exist without the national body and so we must do all we can to maintain the viability and vitality of ANCA at a national level to give it a true and relevant national voice. This is our challenge.

Choral music has many facets and it is ANCA's role to support the people who engage in these different facets. The before-mentioned Karen Grylls workshops I think address a fundamental need we all have; to become better conductors and leaders in the choral setting. I congratulate the states who have hosted her so far in what have been a series of diverse and enlightening workshops and encourage everyone to avail themselves of these offerings if at all possible. I think the addition of supporting local teachers has greatly enhanced the national tour and I thank them for their involvement. And I could not be more excited about next year's ChoralFest in Freo. Having chaired the organising committee for last year's ChoralFest in Brisbane, I know how exhausting but so very satisfying it is and will be for the WA team putting it all together. It will be a ChoralFest like no other and is guaranteed to inspire you and take ANCA to the next level. I look forward to being a part of this growth.

I wish you all the best in your choral endeavours.

Peter Ingram
ANCA National President

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