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International Choral Festival 2017 for Peace - Costa Rica

9:00am 22nd June 2017 - 8:00pm 26th June 2017

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Venue Name: Costa Rica
Venue Address: Costa Rica
Event Type: International
Choir(s): Various choirs

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International Choral Festival For Peace 2017 - Costa Rica

Brings together multicultural choirs to a fellowship filled of enthusiastic respect for peace as a tool for global understanding.

Music as the universal language promotes peace to the human spirit. It is music that can harmoniously intertwine feelings of humans, who come from different backgrounds, cultures, realities and even opposing thoughts. United by the irrepressible desire to move towards a better world, we want to fill Costarican auditoriums with this creative expression of mankind strong enough to break down boundaries and differences. Welcome to the First International Choral Festival Costa Rica for peace 2017.

We are dedicated to organizing cultural fellowship events seeking brotherhood among nations. It is for us great pleasure to present our newest project for June next year: First International Choral Fest Costa Rica. This choral fest will be held from June 22nd to 26th of 2017 in San Jose Costa Rica. It will annually take place in June and, as all our activities, it is dedicated to peace.

The choir's repertoire must be a capella and of free choice giving preference to music from their own country and region. All accepted choirs will sing together a common piece, which will be rehearsed during the festival days.

For more information please download the brochure and visit our website:

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