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International Choral Festival 'InCanto Mediterraneo' - Milazzo (Sicily)

10:00am 14th October 2017 - 10:00pm 18th October 2017

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Venue Address: Milazzo (Sicily)
Event Type: International

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After the huge success of the last edition, which saw the participation of International choirs from over 5 different nations (Estonia, Slovenia, Russia, Taiwan Republic of China, Spain and Italy), the Choral Association “Cantica Nova” are busy organizing the next festival, the 5th edition, which will be held between 9th and 15th July, 2017, in Milazzo (Sicily). 
In last year’s International competition, the “Incanto Mediterraneo Trophy 2015” (the Festival’s overall First prize) was awarded to the women’s choir “Chamber Choir Ozarenie” from Moscow, who were also First prize-winners in their own category. The First Prize in the Children’s and Youth choirs category was won by the“Estonian Radio Girls’ Choir” from Tallinn, and a special prize, awarded for the Best Performance with Choreography, went to the “Vocal Ensemble Musical Express” from Moscow, while the prize for the Best Performance of a piece by a contemporary Sicilian composer went to the Slovenian choir “Dekliški Pevski Zbor Glasbene Šole”, from Koper.
The “InCanto Mediterraneo” Festival, organized in collaboration with the Milazzo Town Council and the beautiful town of Milazzo itself, are busy preparing to welcome and host choirs from all over the world, to an event that is fast becoming one of the most prestigious Choral Festivals in Central and Southern Italy. 
For the next edition there will be a few changes to the competition rules.  
As usual, the festival will be divided into two sections, EXHIBITION and COMPETITION, and all choirs (which must be strictly non-professional) are welcome to participate in both sections.  However, unlike the 2015 edition, the non-competitive EXHIBITION section, which will take place on the 9th and 11th July 2017, will be divided into two different evenings, the first of which will be dedicated to Secular Music (renaissance, baroque, contemporary 20th and 21st century), while the second will include any style of Pop and Folk music belonging to any period. 
The COMPETITION section, will be divided into two different categories:
Category A - for mixed/male/female Choirs and Vocal Ensembles
Category B - for Children’s and Youth choirs, where members must not be over 14 years of age. 
The competition section will take place on the last two days of the festival, Friday 14th and Saturday 15th July.   
The real novelty in this Fifth Edition is that the evening of the 13th July will be dedicated to a completely separate ‘Sacred Music Competition’, open to all the participating choirs, and consisting of a single performance of a programme of sacred music, to be performed exclusively “a cappella”.
The international Jury, who will award points for the choirs’ vocal technique, vocal quality, stylistic quality and programme choice, will award:
1st Prize (€ 500,00) to the winners of the Sacred Music Competition
1st Prize (€ 500,00) to the winners of Category A
1st Prize (€ 500,00) to the winners of  Category B
the “Incanto Mediterraneo Trophy 2017” (and €1.000,00) to the overall Festival winner, as well as presenting the various Diplomas for Merit.
Choirs wishing to participate have until 12th March 2017 to send in their application, with all the required attachments, to the festival e-mail address: , or otherwise they can send applications by post to: ASSOCIAZIONE CORALE “CANTICA NOVA”,  VIA SPIAGGIA DI PONENTE N. 185, 98057, MILAZZO (ME) – ITALIA.
All applications will be considered by the Festival Artistic Committee, who will communicate their final decision as to whether applicants have been accepted or not, by 31th March 2017.
For further information please read the complete rules and regulations which can be downloaded from the site:

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