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Who’s Shoulders are We Standing On?

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The Who’s Who of ANCA

The Australian National Choral Association (ANCA) incorporated was established in 1990 from the merger of two associations, the Australian Choral Association (ACA) and the Australian Choral Conductors Association (ACCA). The formation of ANCA took place at the ACCA National Conference in July 1989 and was seen as a bench mark for development in quality and quantity of choral directors, choirs and choral literature.

Australian Choral Conductors Association (ACCA)

The Australian Choral Conductors Association was formed and an executive committee elected in 1985 at the first ACCA convention in Brisbane. In 1986 the Queensland branch was formed and the NSW branch began during the third National Convention in Sydney in 1987. The presidents of the state branches were automatically vice presidents of the National executive. The following are the National executives of ACCA from 1985–1990.









President:                 Roy Wales
Vice-president(s):     Michael Leighton-Jones, Graeme Morton
Secretary                  Else Shepherd
Treasurer:                 Rod Wells
Council members:    Steven Nisbet, Christine Madden, Narelle Todman, Carole Parker, Norma Marschke, Mansel Jones, Warren Bebbington

President:                 Roy Wales
Vice-president(s):     Graeme Morton (QLD), Carl Crossin (SA), Richard Gill (WA), Ronald Smart (NSW), Andrew Blackburn (VIC)
Secretary:                 Christine Greenwood
Treasurer:                 Else Shepherd
Council members:    Steven Nisbet, Rod Wells, Robert Leitch, John Nickson, Trisha Cook
State Presidents were ex-officio members of National Committee

President:                  John Nickson
Vice-president(s):      Graeme Morton (QLD), Carl Crossin (SA), Richard Gill (WA), Carolyn Trotter (NSW), Andrew Blackburn (VIC)
Secretary:                  Isabel Atchesen
Treasurer:                  Else Shepherd
Council members:      Judith Brown, Norma Marschke

President:                   John Nickson
Vice-president(s)        Carole Parker (QLD), Ronald Smart (NSW), Peter Deane (SA), Martin Rowden (WA)
Secretary:                   Anne McWilliam
Treasurer:                   Judith Brown
Council members:      Isabel Atcheson, Carol McGoldrick, Graeme Morton, Else Shepherd

President:                    John Nickson
Vice-president(s)         Ralph Morton (QLD), Ronald Smart (NSW), Margaret Pride (WA)
Secretary:                    Anne McWilliam
Treasurer:                    Judith Brown
Council members:        Isabel Atcheson, Carol McGoldrick, Graeme Morton, Else Shepherd

Australian Choral Association (ACA)

Titled the Australian Choral Music Association at its commencement, the organisation began in 1976 in Melbourne. Faye Dumont was founding president and held this office for the following two years. A newsletter was immediately established and a programme of national and local events put into action. A change of name and a revised constitution broadening the scope of interest of the Australia Choral association resulted from a series of meetings in 1984. Programmes included a focus on the production of Sing Out, national events such as the biennial National Choral Symposium and on local events. The following are the National executive of ACA from 1988–1990.

President:                    Malcolm Jom
Vice-president:            Norma Schlicht
Secretary:                    Curtis Baylis
Treasurer:                    Richard Nicholls
Council members:       Pauline Sheehen, Christine Storey, Peter Ross

President:                    Malcolm Jom
Vice-president(s):        Faye Dumont
Secretary:                    Curtis Baylis
Treasurer:                    Richard Nicholls
Council members:       Christine Storey, Nadine Gilmore, Marie Rapp

Interim Council (to oversee merger ACCA & ACA)

John Nickson (Chair), Judith Brown, Faye Dumont, Malcolm Jom, Carol McGoldrick, Richard Nicholls, Pauline Sheehan, Else Shepherd, Ronald Smart and Allen Harvey (Administrator ex officio).

In accordance with motions proposed and carried by the members of ACA and ACCA that the inaugural committee of ANCA consist of those familiar with the origins and teething problems of the formation of the new association, the members below were recommended to form the Establishment Committee for the first year of ANCA’s operations.  Other responsibilities to be allocated to members of this committee are: constitutional matters, Australian and overseas links, and Federal, State and Local government advocacy.  This committee was comprised of experienced directors and choristers with a wide background in and a commitment to choral music.  They worked very hard to consolidate the many facets of structure and organisation and established a sound basis for development.

The National council was formed and below are the council members from 1990 to present council.

19901991 Establishment Committee of ANCA
President:                    Ronald Smart
Vice-president:            John Nickson
Secretary:                   Peter Pocock
Treasurer:                   Judith Brown
Council members:       Faye Dumont, Carol McGoldrick, Pauline Sheehan, Margaret Lloyd

19911993 ANCA National Council
President:                    Ronald Smart
Vice-president:            John Nickson
Secretary:                    Elizabeth Willis
Treasurer:                   Judith Brown
Council members:       Faye Dumont , Margaret Pride, Philippa Moyes, Margaret Lloyd, Blanka West

President:                    Faye Dumont
Vice-president:            Elizabeth Willis
Secretary:                    Else Shepherd
Treasurer:                    Robert Kay
Council members:       Timothy Sexton, Margaret Pride, Wendy Todd, Carl Crossin, Blanka West

President:                    Margaret Pride
Vice-president:            Elizabeth Willis
Secretary:                    Helen Pietsch
Treasurer:                    Wendy Todd
Council members:        Graeme Morton, Carol McGoldrick, Ronald Smart, Carl Crossin, Noel Ancell

President:                    Else Shepherd
Vice-president:            Graeme Morton
Secretary:                    Helen Pietsch
Treasurer:                    Moira Crowson / vacant early 1999
Council members:       Isabel Atcheson, Faye Dumont, Ronald Smart, Noel Ancell, Stuart Shearman

President:                    Noel Ancell
Vice-president:            Vacant
Secretary:                    Helen Pietsch
Treasurer:                    Viviane Knight
Council members:        Ralph Morton, Margaret Pride, Mark O'Leary, Joan Wright

President:                    Noel Ancell
Vice-president:            Vacant
Secretary:                    Helen Pietsch
Treasurer:                    Viviane Knight
Council members:        Ralph Morton, Briony Arnold (2001 only), Stuart Shearman (2003), Carol Berg, Mark O'Leary, Joan Wright, Christopher Kiver (from late 2001), Peter Ingram (from 2003)

President:                    Trevor Jones
Vice-president:            Helen Pietsch
Secretary:                    Vacant
Treasurer:                    Viviane Knight
Council members:        Ralph Morton, Stuart Shearman, Carol Berg, Peter Ingram, Sandra Marriott, Joan Wright, Leigh Wigglesworth

President:                    Joan Wright
Vice-president:            Helen Pietsch
Secretary:                    Ray Grant
Treasurer:                    Viviane Knight
Council members:        Owen Nelson, Stuart Shearman, Emma Tantengco (to 2006), Edith Webster (2007), Peter Ingram, Sandra Marriott

ANCA Interim National Council (elected at the 2007 Special General Meeting which overturned the outcomes of the 2007 election and for the purpose of overseeing election of a new National Council)

President:                    Peter Roennfeldt
Vice-president:            Paul Holley
Secretary:                    Ray Grant (2007), Helen Pietsch (2008)
Treasurer:                   Janet Wyvill
Council members:       Peter Ingram, Owen Nelson, Christine Storey

ANCA National Council

President:                    Peter Roennfeldt
Vice-president:            Christine Storey
Secretary:                    Helen Pietsch
Treasurer:                    Milly Blakeley
Council members:       Paul Holley Peter Ingram, Owen Nelson

The above information is from printed material in archival copies of ACA’s, ACCA’s and ANCA’s publications. If you know of any errors or omissions please email with the correct information.

When the two associations merged to create ANCA a decision about publications had to be made. Each of the two associations had their own journal – ACA’s Sing Out and ACCA’s Newsletter. During the merger negotiations (1988–89), two issues of Sing Out (Vol 5 No 3 and Vol 6 No 2) appeared under the subtitle ‘Journal of the ACA and ACCA’. The first journal after the merger (Vol 7 No 1) 1990) bore the name ‘Choral Journal including Sing Out’ but in subsequent issues the name Sing Out was retained, and the volume numbering of the original Sing Out was continued. This has developed through many styles and editors into the magazine we have today.

As you can see with over 65 different people filling 150+ positions over a period of almost 20 years of ANCA’s existence there are some very strong and broad shoulders for the current national council to stand on. The objectives of the association over the years have remained the same; to stimulate interest and participation in choral music and related activities, linking choral musicians throughout the country and nurturing growth of all choral activities.

The new national council look forward to continuing the good work of the councils before them by creating, supporting and developing choral music throughout Australia. Meet your elected national council on the National page of the web site.

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