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The Australian Music Vault Choir Project

Wed Apr 21 2021


Singing is so important for young people. The benefits of ensemble singing are well known and powerful. As part of the Australian Music Vault, we would like more young people singing Australian music. Therefore we are arranging Australian songs for performance by singing groups. They don’t have to be an established choir, just a few people who want to have a sing together! There doesn’t have to be a professional conductor, or even a conductor at all. Just put on the backing track and have a sing!

The Australian Music Vault Choir Project arranges Australian music for school and community choirs in order to get more people singing great music! When you request an arrangement of a song, we will discuss with you whether you would like an audio backing track for your group to sing along to, or a notated Soprano / Alto / Baritone (or Soprano / Alto only) arrangement with a piano part, two treble lines, and a bass line. Or both!

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