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With One Voice Social Franchise Start-Up Funding

Tue Apr 3 2018

With One Voice Social Franchise Start-Up Funding

Start-up Funding Overview

Creativity Australia is building a happier, healthier, more inclusive nation, through the neuro-scientific benefits of community singing. The With One Voice Social Franchise program is about building supportive networks, strengthening diverse communities and inspiring individuals to find their voice.

Together, we can change the world… one voice at a time. With One Voice choirs are led by professional conductors, rehearse weekly followed by supper and perform at community and corporate events.

To make it easier for communities to start their own choir, Creativity Australia is offering a limited number of start-up funding grants of $10,000. Successful applicants will receive the $10,000 start-up grant and join a 12-month intensive mentoring program to guide them through the process of building their own With One Voice Social Franchise choir.

Success is determined by our unique “Health of Choirs” indicators that measure member engagement and participation through our personalised program App. During the first six months one of our program staff will mentor the organizing committee to interpret the indicators and use them to focus their efforts to lay a strong foundation for the choir to succeed, be socially inclusive and build community wellbeing and inspirational outcomes for participants.

How the With One Voice Social Franchise program works

With One Voice Social Franchise programs are set up and ran by local volunteers using the resources and materials provided by Creativity Australia. By establishing a local community choir under the auspices of Creativity Australia (as a registered charity) you hold a licence that enables the choir to raise funds to support projects and initiatives at a local level. The choir is set up as an unincorporated association under the umbrella of Creativity Australia. This includes an independent bank account which is jointly managed by the local choir volunteers and Creativity Australia.

There are seven key components to the With One Voice Social Franchise program:

  1. bringing together a diverse range of local community individuals and organisations to promote, commence and participate in the program
  2. finding an extraordinary music leader (who is empathetic and inspiring)
  3. finding a safe, nurturing space to sing (that is accessible and close to public transport or infrastructure)
  4. seeking out diversity (all are welcome…all ages, backgrounds and auditions)
  5. showcasing your choir … share the love (perform locally, celebrate accomplishments)
  6. nurturing social connections (rehearse weekly, share supper, share the “Wish List”)
  7. building sustainability (develop community & business connections, recruit some helpers, start fundraising).


Funding is not prioritized for any particular group or type of organisation, however, there is a set of criteria that applicants must meet. Please see the information pack that can be downloaded from the website for more information


The organising committees of With One Voice Social Franchise Choirs must represent the community and applications will be assessed based on their diversity and/or plan to achieve diversity. If you would like assistance on whether or not your group or organisation would be suitable to help establish a With One Voice Social Franchise choir, please contact Creativity Australia. Please note, local and state government are not eligible to apply.

Applications / Guidelines

Applications Open: March 3, 2018

Applications close: June 1, 2018

Application methods: Online




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