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Presidents Message

Presidents Message

Friday February 12th, 2021

Dear ANCA members,

We write about recent allegations aired by the former Co-opted Chair Guy de Villiers about the probity of ANCA National Council operations.

ANCA National Council express disappointment regarding the inappropriate manner in which these allegations have been shared. We do not believe any of these allegations to be true. Nevertheless, we will be thoroughly investigating these matters in accordance with complaint procedures in the ANCA Constitution.

We remind you that Mr de Villiers resigned from National Council, February 10th at 7:29pm AEDT, so is no longer an office bearer or member on the ANCA National Council. The NSW/ACT Chapter Committee has also confirmed that Mr de Villiers has not been authorised to send any communication on behalf of that Committee. Therefore, any communications he sends after that time are not sanctioned by National Council and are communication from Mr de Villiers personally as an ANCA member. We understand each members’ expectation of privacy and for some of you the emails sent by this member over the last week have been unwelcome. National Council has asked Mr de Villiers to refrain from sending further material in breach of our constitution. If you are personally aggrieved by receiving this material, would you please contact the National Council complaints email ( in writing or seek independent advice. You may also wish to block the sender’s email addresses.

We confirm that ANCA will not be holding a special general meeting on February 14th, 4:30pm AEDT. The National Council has not called any meeting and has not received any member requisition to hold one in accordance with our constitution.

We assure you that proper governance is fundamentally important to all current members of National Council, and we continue to act in good faith according to the ANCA constitution and are accountable to you the Members.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Debra Shearer-Dirié

ANCA National President

ABRN 097 629 448 ABN 84 529 930 920


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