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Presidents Message

Presidents Message

Wednesday June 30th, 2021

Dear ANCA members,

As we come to the close of the financial year, I would like to thank everyone who continues to renew their membership with ANCA.  We realize during the last 18 months it has been difficult for our members and we are always looking for ways to boost your value for money. 

One such initiative ANCA National has offered its members in 2021 is through our 30th birthday Webinar Series.  We have had a fabulous line up of presenters so far, each presenting on the 30th of each month.  The topics have been varied which we hope reflects the diversity in our membership.  There are still six months of webinars to go and if there is one that has already been presented, there is a still an opportunity to see the recorded session.  Go to for more information. 

To all of our members who have had to experience more lockdown conditions which have prevented singing together, we are thinking of you and hope you can return to “normal” soon.  We have to keep reminding ourselves how lucky we are to be actually singing together when our fellow choirs in North America and other parts of the world are singing for short times, with masks and outside.  With our vaccination roll-out (albeit slow) providing some immunity to our singing community, our future is looking brighter as we join together to sing.  Always keeping the safety of our singers and audience at the forefront of our plans.

Preparations have been rebooted for the inaugural ANCA Research Conference in March/April 2022 in Sydney.  Aleta King, ANCA Research Chair who resides on the ANCA National Council, is busy with the organization for this event and we look forward to sharing more information about this in upcoming Enewsletters and in the third issue of Sing Out.  We are also looking to partner with our fellow music organizations at this event and are looking forward to the ANCA community coming together face to face again. 

Along with preparations for our Research Conference, our Choralfest team have reignited the flames for Choralfest 2023 in Adelaide, 12-15 April 2023. You will definitely be hearing much more from Christie Anderson over the next few months as the Call for Choirs and the Call for Papers opens up.  Again, please read your Enewsletters carefully for more details. 

May and June of each year are a busy time in the ANCA National Office as most of our membership and insurance renewals happen during these months.  We thank Emily Dittman and her team from Admin for the Arts for the many hours that allows this process to run smoothly.  And to our ANCA members we thank you for renewing your membership with ANCA and look forward to offering each one of you more for your membership in the coming year. 

Yours sincerely,

Dr Debra Shearer-Dirié

ANCA National President

ABRN 097 629 448 ABN 84 529 930 920


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