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Rates of Pay

Rates of Pay



ANCA Recommended Rates of Pay for Choral Conductors and Accompanists April 2017

These pages are a response, by the National Council and administration, to the regular requests to National office about how much conductors and accompanists might be paid. In formulating this advice, ANCA seeks to encourage and advocate for the assistance of choir organisers in remuneration for their conductors and accompanists. Therefore this document contains recommendations only as a guide for choir organisers and conductors and is not intended to be used in any other way. 


The Australian National Choral Association conducted a survey of members at the beginning of 2016, looked at other organisations which have recommended rates of pay, and have prepared a rate card as a guide for use. In doing this ANCA recognises the many hours of time given by volunteers and their dedication and commitment. It is also important to remember that many conductors and accompanists use this work to gain an income, as do other artists.

The Australian National Choral Association:

Conducting and Musical Skills: What is a Conductor? What do they need to do to run a choir?

The following are skills and attributes you can to look for when appointing a Conductor:

Competence Matrix for regular work

All rates quoted are per hour (exclusive of GST) with a minimum call of 2 hours. They are for regular work and include preparation time. One-off engagements for either rehearsals or performances, may attract higher rates by negotiation with choir managements/organisers. Naturally, any conductor may negotiate higher rates in any situation if they are able to. ANCA recognises that there is an infinite variety of skill sets and experience in conductors, there being as many ways to conduct as there are conductors. Therefore, this document is intended as a starting point guide for choir organisers/managements in their quest to more efficiently run their choirs for the benefit of all singers and the choral scene in Australia as a whole. 




















What is a good Choral Accompanist?



Recommended Rates (all rates quoted are per hour with a minimum call of 2 hours)


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