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3rd International Choral Celebration & Laurea Mundi Budapest

3rd International Choral Celebration & Laurea Mundi Budapest

10:00am 18th May 2018 - 10:00pm 22nd May 2018

Event Details

Venue Name: Budapest
Venue Address: Hungary
Event Type: International
Choir(s): Various

3rd International Choral Celebration & Laurea Mundi Budapest

May 18-22, 2018 (Budapest, Hungary)

After a great start, continuing the fresh tradition we will come back to Budapest, the country of Kodály Method in 2018 as well to celebrate and promote choral music, and also to spread the value and experience of singing in a choir - as Kodály said: Music should belong to everyone.

Come and join us to the Festival or the competitive part of the event and sing in prestigious music halls in the Hungarian capital.

Be a participant of the Laurea Mundi Open Competition and the Grand Prix of Choral Music. The Grand Prix is open to Golden Diploma choirs and those who qualify via the Budapest International Open Competition as well as to choir who have comparable results or nomination.

Choirs may compete in the following well liked categories: Children’s and Youth Choirs, Female, Male and Mixed Choirs, Musica Sacra, Pop, Jazz, Gospel, Modern & Folklore, Chamber Choirs & Vocal.

Deadline for registration: January 15, 2018
Early Bird deadline: September 30, 2017

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