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Choral Conductors Course

9:00am 10th October 2019 - 11:20am 2nd November 2019

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Venue Name: Hope Christian School
Venue Address: Bunbury
Event Type: Workshop
Cost: $500
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Anette is a Choral Specialist and has directed children’s choirs, church choirs, community choirs and all age groups within the school environment in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Anette was the Director of Music at All Saints’ College in Perth, (2011-2018) as well as the Junior School Music Coordinator (2004 – 2010). She now runs her own Music Studio and is a Music Education Consultant for schools.

The complete course will be offered in Bunbury in October if there are a minimum of 6 enrolments.

Sessions 1 and 2: Thursday 10 October and   Friday 11 October

Sessions  3 and 4: Friday 1November  and Saturday 2nd November.

 4 principal sessions, each of 90 minutes, focus on:

 Vocal developmentof the participants: The course also includes one individual voice consultation.

 Developing the voices of choir members: Vocal health and basic technique, including the purpose of “warm-ups”.

 Choral sound: How to develop good blend; intonation and listening skills; vowels and diction; the development of part singing.

Conducting technique: Commencing with the basic patterns and moving towards expressive conducting.

Repertoire: Copies of examples are included in the course, and the focus is on conducting these.

A list of recommended repertoire from a variety of resources is included.

 Anette will also visit each choironce to give feedback and advice, and run it like a workshop in consultation with the choral director. These visits will be arranged with the different participants, and will take place on the 31 October or 1 November. There will be a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 people in the participants’ group. It will be a practical course where there will be lots of singing and conducting, as well as reflection on how to develop a choral program.Course notes together with original copies of the repertoire will be provided.

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