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Florence Choral International Festivals 2021

Florence Choral International Festivals 2021

12:10pm 17th April 2021 - 12:10pm 1st December 2021

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Venue Name: Florence, Italy
Event Type: International
Choir(s): Various Choirs

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Our Festivals will give to participants great opportunities for cultural exchange between the different geographical and artistic traditions of the participating countries – music is an excellent vehicle for sharing knowledge and friendship among peoples. 

Our concept is to create an incredible interpenetration between music from all over the world and the magical venues of Florence, rich in masterpieces by the Great Masters of the Renaissance. Can you imagine the emotion to let your music resound where Leonardo Da Vinci or the Medici family lived and worked?

Leonardo Sagliocca

Chairman and Artistic Director

Florence Choral International Festivals


For more information: please visit here

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