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International Choir Festival of Paris

9:00am 12th March 2020 - 6:00pm 15th March 2020

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 For the 26th time, the International Choir Festival of Paris is happy to welcome choirs from various countries from the 12th to the 15th of March 2020. There is no need to prove the reputation and the attraction of the French capital. You will have ample time to discover or to rediscover Paris but of course also the opportunity to sing there. Friendship concerts will be organised on Friday in and around Paris featuring several other choirs from different countries and a local choir. This will be the first occasion to create friendships and exchange with the other choirs. But the highlight of your trip will most probably be the final concert at La Madeleine Church in the company of all attending choirs. This rare opportunity to sing in this significant place of Parisian cultural life, in front of a big audience, will definitely be a fantastic experience for all your singers. To register or to receive more information about the festival, please contact Music&Friends - / +352/ 35 65 75 381 /

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