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Sea Sun Festival

Sea Sun Festival

10:00am 23rd September 2018 - 8:00pm 28th September 2018

Event Details

Venue Name: Costa Brava
Venue Address: Spain
Event Type: International
Choir(s): Various

Sea Sun Festival

06th – 11th May 2018 | 17th – 22nd June 2018 | 08th – 13th July 2018 | 23rd – 28th September 2018

This is a festival contest of various genres where  the participants find themselves on the warm coast of the Mediterranean sea, under the hot Spanish sun, and, of course, beautiful happy days of the competition. 

Talented young people from all over the world are ready to make us happy by their creative work again and again. Here in Spain all the most cherished dreams come true as our international contest is a possibility to meet old friends, find new ones, relax, take a dip in the Mediterranean sea, and fly high with success!!

This contest gives young artists a possibility to become winners of a prestigious international contest, and it also combines with a great recreation on the beaches of the Costa Brava and a splendid excursion program which will make your stay even nicer. It’s recommended to come to this contest with all the family or with a whole school class. We are very glad to see not only the contestants but also their cheerleading teams at this festival!

The sea, sun and sand awaits you! 

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