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World of Choirs

World of Choirs

10:00am 28th April 2019 - 8:00pm 1st May 2019

Event Details

Venue Name: Pesaro
Venue Address: Italy
Event Type: International
Choir(s): Various

World of Choirs

International choir contest “WORLD OF CHOIRS” is an international event organized for development, spreading and popularization of choral singing. Choirs from all over the world meet on the same stage as rivals but in a warm, friendly atmosphere to demonstrate not only their mastery but also their culture, uniqueness of choral singing. Not only widely experienced choirs can participate in the competition but also those for which participation in a contest of such scale will become a new step and motivation for developing of their talents. It perfectly suits the events of this kind. Also we cannot help noticing that you’ll be surprised while reading the list of the judges of this contest.

All our programs consist of two parts:
  1. Participation in the competition and festival
  2. Participation without competing in the competition in the framework of the festival program *.
* For the choirs who don’t want to participate in the competitive program, but wish to participate in the festival are provided with joint rehearsals, workshops and master classes, where they receive advice and an official certificate from the renowned international experts during a brief discussion in an open and friendly atmosphere. Non competing choirs will also perform at international friendship concerts combining with different choirs.
Communication with other participants, an open exchange of experience as well as a lot of master classes with internationally recognized experts, will certainly bring your choir to a whole new level of creativity!


Dates of the event

29 April – 02 May 2018 – Pesaro, Italy
28 April – 01 May 2019 – Pesaro, Italy

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