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Advertising with ANCA

Advertising with ANCA

ANCA offers both free (for ANCA members) and paid (for members and non-members) advertising options. 
ANCA members will receive a 10% discount on all paid advertising not already discounted. All prices include GST and are in Australian dollars ($AUD). If you have any further questions or would like to make a booking, please contact the National Office.


Website event listing in our “What’s On” section

ANCA members can list their events on our website free! Email us your information ( and we will post your event for you.

Documents and Images can be added to listings in the following formats:

Information required for an event listing:

If you would like to include an image to show in a general search e.g. the specs of this needs to be 350 x 350 pixels.


Choir Vacancy Page 

If your choir is recruiting new singers, you can request a listing be placed on our Choir Vacancy page.

Email us ( a promotional spiel like those found on the page, along with any images (JPG/JPEG, PNG or GIF Files Only).


Job Seekers Page

If your choir is seeking a new music director or accompanist, you can request a listing be placed on our job seekers page. Email us ( a promotional spiel like those found on the page, along with any images (JPG/JPEG, PNG or GIF Files Only).


Paid options for members and non-members

For a full PDF of costs and specs, click here.

ANCA members will receive a 10% discount on all paid advertising (Website, Choral eNewsletter & SingOut) except for our combined package (FULL PAGE SING OUT COLOUR ADVERT & 3 MONTH HOME PAGE BANNER), which is already discounted. NOTE: 15% discount on the combined package applies when the combined package is pre-booked + prepaid for three consecutive issues. 

Prices for PROMOTIONAL EMAIL BLASTS for members and non-members are listed separately (see below).


Sing Out

Sing Out is ANCA®'s national magazine

Sing Out is issued three times a year and has a circulation of approximately 1000 nationwide.

We offer advertising both nationally and internationally to any person or group we consider to be of interest to the Australian Choral community.

Members may advertise for a discounted fee in the body of the magazine with events or items that are of national interest.

Prices are below.  For information on the artwork specifications for Sing Out, download the Sing Out Advertising Specs brochure.

For information on the history of SingOut and our editor, click here.

Advertising prices, SingOut

Back Cover
Inside Front Cover
Inside Back Cover
Other Pages Colour
Other Pages b/w
HALF PAGE (Horizontal or Vertical)
Inside Half Page Colour
Inside Half Page b/w
Full column Colour
Third page vertical or horizontal
Full column b/w
Third page vertical or horizontal
Half column Colour ¼ page
Half column b/w ¼ page
Quarter column 1/6 page
INSERTS (Up to one A3 page folded)
Insert supplied by advertiser
For information on artwork dimensions, please see the Sing Out Advertising Specs document


ANCA Website Advertising

155p (h) x 620p (w)
Rotating WHAT’S ON EVENTS PAGE Icon (two images)
200p(h) x 200p(w)
Single WHAT’S ON EVENTS PAGE Icon (one image)
200p(h) x 200p(w)
Banner at top of WHAT’S ON events page
92p (h) x 916p (w)
Banner at top of NEWS page
92p (h) x 916p (w)
For website images, please supply only JPG/JPEG, PNG or GIF files.


Icon – 200p (h) x 200p (w)
Home Page Banner – 155p (h) x 620p (w)
News and What's On Banner – 92p (h) x 916p (w)
For website images, please supply only JPG/JPEG, PNG or GIF files.

Choral eNews

This is a digital newsletter that is emailed out to all of our members.

There are two advertising positions available per edition – contact the ANCA office for scheduled dates.

Advertising banner
(in vertical sidebar of newsletter)
(You can send us a url to link to your banner if you wish (e.g. Choir website)
150p(w) X 400p(h)


Promotional email blast 

This is an email to our members exclusively to advertise your event/product/position vacant/etc.  They can be sent out to all ANCA members or just state wide – the price is the same.

When scheduling paid promotional email blasts, we like to allow two weeks between bookings to allow all bookings to run smoothly and minimise the chances of our members unsubscribing to our bulk email list.  If you chose this option, you would be required to provide the content and artwork and we would then need to get it approved.  If approved, we email you a test send of the finished product prior to distribution for your approval.

The word count is flexible, but we ask for a maximum of 500 words, as our experience is that longer emails don’t get read. 

Pictures should be of good quality and provided as jpg/jpeg, png or gif, with a maximum width of 350 pixels. Height is flexible.

The ANCA banner at the top and down the right-hand side must be kept in the email, but you can have your own artwork in the body of the email.

Please use THIS TEMPLATE to prepare your email.  Sticking to this template will make the process of getting your email out smoother and faster and avoid extra costs.  Please insert the pictures you want to use into the template, so we know where you want them (and you can see how they look) and also provide them separately as attachments.

If you would like hyperlinks in the text of your email, please create them in the template before you send it to us.  If you would like the pictures linked to a website, please provide the web addresses and tell us which address goes with which image and we will link them for you.

In order to keep to the booking timeline, content must be provided to the National office no later than 5pm the Thursday prior to the Monday email date, otherwise you may miss your advertising window and will have to wait until the next available booking time to send your email blast. Any design requiring extra labour outside the template with incur further costs and may take longer to produce. If you send us material that requires extra work, we will contact you before we go ahead with the email blast to discuss costing and timing (and check whether it was intentional or accidental!).

Member rate*
Non-member rate

*Please note that this is already discounted for members and no further discounts apply.

** An additional $110- $220 applies if the email requirements are more complex than the template instructions

Please contact the ANCA office for available dates.


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