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Friday March 26, 2021

Dear ANCA members,

The Australian National Choral Association would like to update our members on our current situation in regard to allegations made against ANCA.

Despite a cease and desist being issued to Mr de Villiers, communications have continued. The National Council would like to assure our members that we are doing what we can to protect the members of the association and that we are taking action where possible.

We continue to self declare where possible or required to do so. We also welcome investigation by any of the external bodies that Mr de Villiers claims to have reported to. We are confident that there are no irregularities and that the allegations are unsubstantiated. We will work with authorities on these matters if required and will provide any documentation requested by these authorities.

Australian National Choral Association has no relationship with any of the other entities listed who happen to share the acronym of ANCA. There have been no payments made, no direct collaboration with each other and board members do not cross over. National Council was not aware of the existence of these entities until the allegation of a scheme was brought forward.

The National Council have acted, and continues to act in good faith in their duties and have never taken or received a financial benefit outside of the constitution. Some members (past and present) have at times held paid positions which was approved by National Council in line with the constitution or have been reimbursed for true expenses, as also allowed within the constitution. The Australian National Choral Association have made no payments to any party in the manner being claimed in the allegations.

National Council would also like to remind our members that as an Association we are audited annually and that these financial statements are tabled at each AGM and available for members to review.

ANCA is continuing our discussions with our legal team and will follow the advice given.

While these issues have been unpleasant to deal with, our Association will continue the good work we have delivered for 30 years and will continue to act on behalf of our members.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Debra Shearer-Dirié

ANCA National President

ABRN 097 629 448 ABN 84 529 930 920




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